Magnificence of Indonesia

Talking about Indonesia, some people in the world maybe don't know where is Indonesia actually. That's true that Indonesia was located in Southeast Asia. In geographical circumstances, Indonesia was located between continents of Asia and Australia. 

Indonesia Map

As Indonesian people, I really know that every people here says Indonesia have a name for itself, byname Jamrud Khatulistiwa or Nusantara because Indonesia has many beautiful islands that scattered around. 

If you like diving or snorkeling, there is a lot of amaze moment if you're doing that in Indonesia's sea. Beautifully of living things in underwater make the diver really enjoy to dive here again because there are many corals and fishes and also the beautiful of panorama. 

Snorkeling in Bunaken Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Indonesia is partition by provinces, and each province has a culture itself. If you come to Indonesia, you can see many cultures that will be find here and I can say that culture in here is so beautiful. Although Indonesia has a diverse culture, but all remain in a union. Because there is a diversity of culture, each culture has a different languanges, dances, and also handcraft. All of the people here is so pleasant, kind and welcoming. 

Kecak dance from Bali, Indonesia
Batik, a handcraft from Indonesia

One more thing about Indonesia, you should know that along Sumatra Island, Java Island and then going across to Bali Island and Sulawesi Island, Indonesia was located in Ring of Fire area. There are many mountains that still active until now, but there are also a lot of mountain that is not active anymore. However, many tourist do hike or climb to enjoy the natural beauty of panorama which stretches views from the top of mountain. 

Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia
Panorama from Mount Sindoro, Java, Indonesia

That's all the magnificence of Indonesia. I make sure you to know and come to this beautiful place, Indonesia and I really sure you will love the panorama in here.